Ann Pyne

Which Community Yoga UK classes have you you taught at?

Waitrose Bracknell.

What is your favourite style of yoga?

Hatha with bit of Vinyasa flow thrown in ūüôā

Where your own classes are located?

My class is based at The Morgan Centre, Crowthorne.

What does yoga mean to you?

I came to yoga in my mid 40’s.¬†Having previously¬†dabbled in yoga classes that were very Pranayama (breath) focused, which coming from a ‘gym bunny’¬† I found very difficult. It wasn’t until I experienced an out of the blue¬†panic attack and subsequent health anxiety that I revisited Yoga.
Yoga has enabled me to strengthen my body and build flexibility, Рgiven me tools to tame my mind chatter, encouraged me to be who I am and given me a passion to shares its benefits with as many people as I can.
I have 2 young children and work full time Рyoga has given me back balance in my life. I passionately believe that anyone can do yoga, regardless of age, size or gender and truly reap the benefits that will help them lead a more fulfilled life.
You can still practice you and enjoy all that the 21st Century has to offer!

What is your favourite inspirational quote? 

“She believed she could, so she did!” I don’t think this was written by anyone particular- it is just pertinent to my life right now and in a picture frame my husband and kids gave to me when I taught my first yoga class.
Also the words Passion, Resilience and Creativity – words that Jo Malone said in a recent radio interview are the 3 things you need in setting up your own business.

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