Antonella Carraro

Which Community Yoga UK classes have you you taught at?

I have taught at Newbury Waitrose . I had very good feedback from all the students. I start my class with a gentle relaxation and breathing and then move on gentle stretching to warm up the muscles and the spine followed by a full yoga routine. The I finish the class with some more stretching a pranayama breathing and relaxation.

What is your favourite style of yoga?


Where your own classes are located?
My classes are in Tilehurst, Reading and Pangbourne.

What does yoga mean to you?

I started yoga classes back in 2003 after my mum, one of the most influential, inspiring and most loved people in my life, lost her battle to cancer. I found yoga helped me to cope with the sense of loss, the void that she left behind and pain of letting go.
I found a wonderful teacher, Janet, and decided I also wanted to be a teacher too. But just as the paths of life take you in different directions, it would only be a few years later that I would finally realise my dream.
I am now a fully qualified yoga teacher, from Sam Rao Yoga Teaching school, not just any school. This is where I learnt that you can make dreams come true, at any age and time scale.
Yoga has changed my life in so many ways, removing fear, nurturing confidence and self belief, creating harmony in my mind and body, teaching me the great powers of breathing and stillness, cherishing the little achievements as great ones, because everything we do is new lesson and a new opportunity.
Being a yoga teacher allows me to pass on what I learnt and continue to learn every day, so that others can find their place in the world and feel comfortable of what and who they are.

What is your favourite inspirational quote? 

“The secret is that there is no secret you just have to believe.” from Kung Fu Panda!

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